Heather L Johnson
In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful


Stories contributed to In Search of the Frightening & Beautiful 4 / 2019. These are descriptions of transformative moments in people’s lives, from the subtle to the sublime. From each story I extract a key phrase and stitch it to a piece of linen that will be given as gifts to others I meet on the road, in exchange for a story of their own.

Nina Ewart. Houston, TX

Uh, so.. when I was little.. when I was 8 months old.. my mom died. And I was very sad. I did not like it. And I grew older. 

I really like to sing and I would dance a lot. And now I’m in the Nutcracker this year. I’m very popular at my school just because how I look like. And sound like. And… uh.. sad things happen too that.. my friends.. they just uh.. sometimes they just like forget about me. They just don’t want to play with me any more. I feel so sad. And.. 

I’m 8 years old and my birthday is in May. I can’t wait till my birthday. I want to come see my aunt again. And um. Saturday’s my next Nutcracker performance.

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Heather L Johnson