Heather L Johnson
In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful


Stories contributed to In Search of the Frightening & Beautiful 4 / 2019. These are descriptions of transformative moments in people’s lives, from the subtle to the sublime. From each story I extract a key phrase and stitch it to a piece of linen that will be given as gifts to others I meet on the road, in exchange for a story of their own.

Ty Gavin. San Antonio, TX

Yesterday I had a simple but important moment of change and advancement. I was practicing guitar and suddenly my brain voice synched with my  hand movements united. At that moment playing skill advanced. That proves my experiment that when the mental and physical coordinate you can easily create. You have to have a vision, how can creation come out of you if it is not in you. A purpose, a vision, an idea in you starts the process.

June 23, 2018

Heather L Johnson