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ISFB featured in the November 2018 issue of "Art & Object"

Thursday morning. The first day of November. The weather is clear and crisp, the air cleaned out by a system of tornado clouds that had blasted through the night before... and I wake up to this.

In Search of the Frightening and Beautiful is featured, alongside Francis Alÿs and the ethereal sand-painting work of Buddhist monks, in this article about ephemeral art by artists around the world. Art & Object is a nationally-distributed magazine about art and craft that still comes out in print! Meaning you can actually still buy a copy and thumb through its luxurious, glossy pages all saturated in that fresh ink smell. A rare and beautiful thing in an era when so many of us get our news from Facebook.

What a great way to start a season. Thank you, Cynthia Close, for this honor.

Take a look:


10 Fleeting Art Experiences

by Cynthia Close

Heather L Johnson